Thursday, 9 July 2015

"That's New to Me!" Weekly Challenge#27

Our random letter for Week #27 is H. H is a repeat, so we have an Artist Focus this week.

Artist Focus - Michele Beauchamp CZT
Michele is a CZT from Seminar #7.  She is the author of very flowing organic patterns which are located at
There are also seven of her patterns on at

I used Ha-nuka by Yamit Fridman as my NTM pattern and I used Blooming Butter and Mak-rah-mee by Michele.
I am using Mak-rah-mee also for first time,  but it is so easy to pickup..

Here's my tile.

Let's keep tangling! 


  1. I like the symmetry. You did a great job on your Mak-rah-mee! Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!

  2. Lovely mak rah mee coupled with blooming butter.

  3. this is very nice. You've achieved a good balance, in both arrangement of the tile and the patterns you used. I like it!