Saturday, 28 February 2015

joey's weekly tangle challenge #49

24/2 Tuesday: For joey's weekly tangle challenge #49 , Joey wants us to create stacking blocks of tangles.
So the guidelines are:
~ Three blocks on the bottom.
~ Two blocks stacked on the three blocks.
~ One block stacked on the top.
~ Tangles of your choice.

This should be fun... I will be back when I am done..

27/2 Friday: I learnt 2 new tangles when working on this tile, SKWIRL and LAND-GIRLZ. Other tangles used are AMBLER, CUBINE, JONGAL and TRIMONDS




Monday, 23 February 2015

joey's weekly tangle challenge #45

I was going through the previous challenges posted by Joey and this one caught my attention.. I just had to do this..
For joey's weekly tangle challenge #45 , joey wanted us to place our hand on the paper, trace around it and fill it with tangles..
I remembered the times my sister and I would apply mehandi (henna) to each other's hands during important occasions (marriages) in the family.
I have used all the tangles that are similar to the patterns used while applying mehandi. I had great fun doing this. Hope you like it.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenge 48

Roshni Rao who writes on the blog Tanglicious Connections mentioned to me about Joey's weekly challenge sometime after the Zentangle workshop.. Never got a chance to attempt it. But here I am now..
This week Joey's weekly tangle challenge 48 is The polka dot tangle!
I love it when there is no restriction on the tangles to be used. I used all my favourite ones( which are  weave type patterns) in my Zentangle tile.. Feel I should have left some space rather than fill up entire space with more empty polka dots

Learnt the Y-Ful power and basket weave tangle while doing this challenge. The phicops tangle did not come out as I wanted it to. I also managed to put in my sign in one of the polka dots

Thursday, 19 February 2015

"That's new to me" weekly challenge#7 Letter S

I recently joined the Facebook group 'Zentangle'. Came across the link to this challenge on Wednesday. I immediately made up my mind that I would submit my entry to this challenge.
Browsed for patterns starting with letter 'S' on

Selected Strircles(already knew this), Sparkle, Stitch, Starawn and Swirls patterns

The first time I am submitting my Zentangle for any challenge.. Having just started tangling in Jan , this is really exciting..

Tangles used:
Sparkle by Sharon Caforio,
Stitch by Karry Heun (I used Damy's variation),
Starawn by Judy Murphy
Swirls by Suzanne McNeill

Zentangle Workshop 24th Jan with CZT Dilip Patel

I came across Zentangle®( I dint know it was called that at that point of time) on Facebook around 2014. A close friend would keep posting her paintings and tangles on Facebook all the time.. I used to click like and move on..

I went back and googled Zentangle® on Jan 10th 2015. I had free time all thanks to my brain tumor surgery in Aug 2014(been at home since..).
Found out about CZT Dilip Patel and emailed him on 12th Jan. Luckily for me, he was scheduling a workshop around Jan 24th.. Registered quickly but was apprehensive as I was never an 'artsie' person

Workshop Day
9am - thinking about cancelling
10.30am - I am there at the venue.. don't see any one around.. still thinking about cancelling
10.40am - One girl shows up and I chat up with her.. She is an IT professional (same as me .. sorry I am now an ex-IT professional)... so I begin to think maybe I should try it out..
11am - Workshop starts and I am there..
12.30pm - I never want this workshop to end... I have met some great people and this stuff is really easy and fun to do..

When the workshop ended, I had created my very first tile and I loved it..

Please feel free to contact Dilip Patel to find out about his workshops in Bangalore using below details

Dilip Patel