Thursday, 3 December 2015

It's A String Thing # 121 - Aquafleur Monotangle Christmas Tree

In this week's "It's a String Thing" #121, Adele wanted to mark the beginning of the Christmas season with a tree theme this week.

What co-incidence!! This week has been all about trees on the Diva's challenge too(you can see my Diva challenge response here).

She provided a String in shape of a Christmas tree and she wanted us to monotangle it using Aquafleur - an Zentangle® original tangle by Maria Thomas
I started off and drew the Aquafleur. But felt like using some color. And then before I knew it, my whole tree was colored.. And its not a monotangle tile either.. I ended up adding some Ahh, CO2 , Diva dance to make it more festive.. Also a letter 'S' border..
I got carried away and you can't blame me!!

Here are the pictures of my tile along the way..

Let's keep tangling!

The tiles entered for this challenge are published on mondays on Adele Bruno's blog

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