Tuesday, 10 March 2015

"That's New to Me!" Weekly Challenge #10 - Letter A

This week on "That's New to Me" challenge#10, the random letter to use was 'A'. The only tangles starting with 'A' I had used till now were Arcflower and Auraknot. So I knew I had wide range of options. Choosing which tangles to use took me one whole day using ( when I see something interesting I happen to wander off from what I was initially there for!!). Finally I chose Arukas  and Axlexa.

Arukas by Molly Hollibaugh is an Zentangle®-original tangle. I never tried it since the tangle looked so complicated. But when I tried out the steps couple of times in my workbook, I found that all that was needed was total concentration. I sometimes tangle when watching TV, definitely not to be done when using Arukas :)

Axlexa by Henrike Bratz is a really fun and easy tangle. It is quite handy to fill up the tile too.. Was wondering why I hadn't tried this tangle before..

Since my treatments have started again, I had to visit the hospital today. I had to wait for 2 hours. so guess what?  I manged to complete 2 tiles. 

Tile 1: Arukas By Molly Hollibaugh , Axlexa by Henrike Bratz

When I was done with my first one, I began thinking how it would look if the spokes from the initial circle for Arukas were spiral rather than straight lines. I like the spiral look though one of spokes dint come out nicely.

Tile 2 : Arukas By Molly Hollibaugh

Hope you like my work.

Next will be working on Joeys weekly challenge


  1. I love both tiles! I'm a big fan of Arukas. I think the spiral turned out well...I'll have to try that. Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!

  2. oh my goodness, these are just wonderful. I love all the lines, and the combination of arukas and axlexa is so nice. The arukas on the second tile is simply stunning. Love the gleaming stripes! It's just so finely detailed, and so precise. Good work

  3. Love your Arukas! I've tried that tangle before, but my results were not very good. I need a lot more practice with it.