Thursday, 18 February 2016

Diva's Weekly Challenge#255 - "Ghosts of Tangles Past"

This week's challenge is to look back into our archives and recreate a tile from past with our present style.
It's been a year since I started Zentangle. But I could still see some changes.
My old style was to draw a String, and fill in each section with a different tangle, shading was not important.

Now I use fewer tangles in my tiles, and I have now learned the difference that shading can make in a tile.

Here are my old and new tiles.

Tangle Patterns String#146, Onamato, Demi, Bask-It, Barberpole, Inapod

You can view the other entries for the challenge on Diva's blog


  1. The first tile is defined and very striking; the second tile flows and is altogether more relaxed. Both are well drawn - it's the approach that has changed.

  2. I think I can see that you are more confident and relaxed in the tangling.

  3. Beautiful shading in the second tile, your first was excellent though.

  4. Your pearls look like you could pick them up, right off the page. You had definitely skills when you started out and now you've got even more!

  5. Even though your first tile is lovely, the change in your confidence shines through on the second try.