Thursday, 9 April 2015

Diane and Carolien’s Weekly Zentangle Challenge#1 - ABC

Diane & Carolien have started a new tangle challenge. You can visit Diane Clancy's Art Blog for more information about their challenges.
For Challenge #1, we have to use tangles starting with the letter A, B and C in our drawing.
I have tried 3 new tangles - Biscus, Boo-Kee and Coaster

I have listed all the tangles used below:
Arukas by Molly Hollibaugh (Zentangle®-original tangle).
Axlexa by Henrike Bratz
Biscus by CZT® Vicki Bassett
Boo-kee by CZT®  Laura Harms
Borbz by CZT® Rita Nikolajeva
Coaster by CZT® Carole Ohl

It's become a little busy for my liking. Here's my tile.

Hope you liked it
Let's keep tangling


  1. Wow! You managed to squeeze a lot on there without making it look like a mess. Very impressive. I love how everything flows perfectly together. Very cool!

    Thank you for joining our Challenge :D

  2. This is a wonderful tile!! I got waylaid looking to see if I could find steps for Circfleur and I couldn't - but found lots of ones new to me :)

    I love how you used Coaster as a border! Fun that you used to many new to you tiles - I think it is lovely!! Thank you for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  3. It's magical and natural. Nice! Sarah.