Thursday, 23 April 2015

Diane & Carolien’s Weekly Zentangle Challenge#3- tangle with G-H-I

Weekly Challenge #3: Tangle with G-H-I

We have to use tangles starting with the letters G, H & I in your drawing. It’s our choice to only use patterns with these letters or to add some others as well.

I chose these Zentangle® patterns:

Karl Stewart’s Girdy

Bunny Wright’s Heartrope.

Carole Ohl’s Inapod.

Mariët Lustenhouwer’s Ilana.

Here's my tile

Hope you liked it. 
Let's keep tangling!

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  1. I Love this!!! It looks like a fan. Great Job!

  2. Very nice! Love the depth and the little sparkle here and there.

  3. This is a lovely GHI!! Thank you for joining in!! It is so pretty!!

    ~ Diane Clancy