Saturday, 28 February 2015

joey's weekly tangle challenge #49

24/2 Tuesday: For joey's weekly tangle challenge #49 , Joey wants us to create stacking blocks of tangles.
So the guidelines are:
~ Three blocks on the bottom.
~ Two blocks stacked on the three blocks.
~ One block stacked on the top.
~ Tangles of your choice.

This should be fun... I will be back when I am done..

27/2 Friday: I learnt 2 new tangles when working on this tile, SKWIRL and LAND-GIRLZ. Other tangles used are AMBLER, CUBINE, JONGAL and TRIMONDS





  1. Like your tile and the idea you used by covering the whole tile to fit the number of tiles in a row - different from most other participants, but a good difference