Friday, 20 February 2015

Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenge 48

Roshni Rao who writes on the blog Tanglicious Connections mentioned to me about Joey's weekly challenge sometime after the Zentangle workshop.. Never got a chance to attempt it. But here I am now..
This week Joey's weekly tangle challenge 48 is The polka dot tangle!
I love it when there is no restriction on the tangles to be used. I used all my favourite ones( which are  weave type patterns) in my Zentangle tile.. Feel I should have left some space rather than fill up entire space with more empty polka dots

Learnt the Y-Ful power and basket weave tangle while doing this challenge. The phicops tangle did not come out as I wanted it to. I also managed to put in my sign in one of the polka dots

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