Thursday, 19 February 2015

"That's new to me" weekly challenge#7 Letter S

I recently joined the Facebook group 'Zentangle'. Came across the link to this challenge on Wednesday. I immediately made up my mind that I would submit my entry to this challenge.
Browsed for patterns starting with letter 'S' on

Selected Strircles(already knew this), Sparkle, Stitch, Starawn and Swirls patterns

The first time I am submitting my Zentangle for any challenge.. Having just started tangling in Jan , this is really exciting..

Tangles used:
Sparkle by Sharon Caforio,
Stitch by Karry Heun (I used Damy's variation),
Starawn by Judy Murphy
Swirls by Suzanne McNeill


  1. this is nice. I like all the stippling you have in the background, and you've chosen some really good S patterns. Great work! I've never seen Starawn before. It's lovely

  2. Your tile looks great! It certainly doesn't look like a beginner did it. Thanks for taking part in the challenge!

  3. Thanks!! Its really encouraging.. hope to participate in coming challenges too..